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Operational Services

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Many domain owners are unaware of the potential for revenue leakage from their portfolio. For example, some unscrupulous registrars change the nameservers of their customers domains to their own so that they earn revenue from the domain traffic. In addition, some parking companies allow domains to be transferred without proper authorisation which means your domains could be earning money for someone else!

ParkLogic Operational ServicesParkLogic has the goal of "zero revenue leakage". Our day-to-day operational services track and manage domains across monetisation options, ensuring the ongoing integrity of the installation and resulting data. We have typically found that up to 10% of a portfolio will go missing every three months if someone is not there monitoring each and every domain.

We work closely with reputable monetisation partners to continually track towards our "zero leakage" aspiration. As well as an ongoing audit of all our customers' domains we focus on:

Domain installation and review:
bullet across monetisation paths;
bullet tracking trademark and other traffic related barriers;

Alarms and alerts:
bullet advising of unexpected changes in domain behaviour;
bullet DNS changes and reporting;

Data integrity:
bullet checking and validating the integrity of the data provided by monetisation paths;

Case System:
bullet highly flexible system that tracks client queries to ensure they are addressed;
bullet can even be used to track the importing of a newly purchased set of domains;

The ParkLogic operational team has developed systems and processes for providing the information necessary for our clients to be confident that their domain assets are being cared for.