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Marketplace is Parklogic’s Domain Sales Platform. It is the meeting place for both buyer and seller. As usual, we have taken a new and innovative approach to the way things we do things in the industry and this brand new system is no exception.

The seamless format and ease of use is one thing, however, the big news is that there will be no commissions taken from any of the sales. We are the introduction and not the middle man. Marketplace is simply there for Buyers and Sellers to do their business – meet, negotiate and coordinate the transfer of both the funds and the domains.

So if a domain is negotiated sold for $5,000, then that is what the Seller will receive. This means more money for client’s pockets, as after all, it is their assets and we are here to help manage them in the best way possible.

After the introductory period of the product there will be a nominal monthly fee for service and that is all. So Marketplace is a product that we are very excited about and are sure that will be beneficial for clients.