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Increasing Your Revenue

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At Parklogic we pride ourselves in being transparent. Our approach to business means that you will have the confidence that there aren’t any hidden commissions or costs. There are none. Everything is declared. Everything is open. Everything is transparent. We value honesty and developing trust with our clients over the long-term.

bullet Being part of a larger pool of traffic allows you to scale your revenue.

bullet Algorithms that manage the flow of traffi c to the highest paying monetisation solution. Effectively we are auctioning your traffic each day to the highest bidder.

bullet Optimisation of the page content to better match your traffi c to the right advertiser.

bullet New technologies to take advantage of every aspect of a domains traffic.



Over the years ParkLogic has been developing a state-of-the-art domain management platform that provides a maximum level of flexibility in monetising domain traffic. The customer interface has been built using the pre-eminent architecture that allows fast proto-typing on a robust Fortune 500 endorsed platform.

ParkLogic traffic routing

The ParkLogic platform provides diverse traffic routing across multiple monetisation options, with data consolidated back to a single, consistent data set.

Traffic routing:
bullet single dns entry;
bullet flexible routing to monetisation paths on a time or geographic basis;
bullet traffic can be sent to parking companies, direct feeds or other monetisation sources

Traffic monetisation interfaces:
bullet data capture and payment management arrangements across monetisation paths;
bullet your existing relationships and accounts, or facilitated through ParkLogic.

Consolidate data:
bullet all data from monetisation paths consolidated into single, consistent data set;
bullet underlying detail: by domain, by day, by monetisation path.

Specialised monetisation sources
If you have a specific source that you would like to route to then this can be easily accomplished on a domain by domain basis via the ParkLogic redirect system. The system also allows you to turn on and off the redirect for a period of time each day.

For the past four years ParkLogic has been working closely with many owners of large domain portfolios. During this time ParkLogic has developed a highly advanced domain management and optimisation platform that is focused on treating domain names as assets, just like any other security.

As domain asset owners, we understand the challenges of the asset class:
bullet Domain portfolios are suffering from fluctuations in performance due to the GFC;
bullet Testing of possible alternate monetisation solution is both time consuming and costly .

We see domain owners and managers looking for confidence that they have taken all possible steps to secure the highest returns from their valuable domain assets. This is where ParkLogic can assist you.

As we work through these challenges with our clients, we are extending and upgrading our services – moving beyond first generation outsourced optimisation towards a combined platform and managed offering that provides a unique mix of flexibility, discipline and transparency that is results focused. Our goal is to provide domain owners with the assurance that they are getting the best from their valuable domain assets.

ParkLogic domain asset solution

The ParkLogic Domain Asset Management Solution comprises:
bullet a new enterprise class Domain Management Platform built on Fortune 500 technology;
bullet a focused operational service to minimise revenue leakage;
bullet a suite of analytics and reports that focus your portfolio as a business;
bullet an extended set of Managed Services;

This is all delivered through an interactive, partnership model that can provide tailored, cost effective solutions to larger domain asset owners that are seeking the confidence for themselves and their investors that they are getting the best possible results from their assets.

If you are a large domain owner or manager struggling to manage the performance of your domain assets, or are doing well but would like simple ways to validate that you cannot do better, then please contact us to discuss how the ParkLogic Domain Asset Management Solution can help you.