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The ParkLogic platform has an extensive range of reports that empower professional domain owners to more effectively manage their domain assets. Credible, standardised transparent metrics are a core foundation to revenue maximising decisions. This is combined with meaningful performance data within and  monetisation options.

Some of the report categories include:
bullet Financial Reports - capital valuation, renewal costs, inventory value, cashflow;
bullet Domain Performance - domain stats, snap shot at account, portfolio or domain views;
bullet Renewal Reports - which domains should be renewed for traffic, revenue or brandability;
bullet Operational Status - DNS settings, domains lacking inventory details, domain registrars
bullet Domain Sales - domains in negotiation, outstanding sales, sale offers, sales last month
bullet Domains Forwarded - domains currently being forwarded to another monetisation solution.

An example report which shows the future expense line for an account on a portfolio and total basis.

Forecast Monthly Domain Registration Costs